Empower families to create space to see, hear, feel, and share their love.


How it works:

  1. Be part of a group/school/team/business Jeff is currently working with.
  2. Sign up at Parent Night or in the school’s administrative office (within 1 week of Parent Night).
  3. Communicate details of The Challenge to your family.
  4. Challenge to begin 1 week after Parent Night.
  5. Commit to eating at least 4 family meals per week for 4weeks.
  6. At the conclusion of the 4 week challenge, email Jeff@c4leaders.org how the “Feed The Starter Family Challenge” has impacted your life.
  7. Your school’s Pizza Day will be scheduled for ALL families who successfully complete The Challenge and exact date coordinated by school administration. Who’s ready to GET COOKIN!




Tip 1.  FAMILY DINNERS ARE A SAFE/FUN SPACE.  This challenge is to focus all your energy on each other, building each other up, listening to each other, enjoying time together with no distractions (yes that means NO PHONES at the table and to put your phone in airplane mode).  C4 LEADERS wants to create a space where you can come and BE LOVED for who you are!


Tip 2.  Make the choice to put your family first!   After making that choice, LOVE EM like there is no tomorrow.   This challenge should be fun and a way to empower each other.   We know the benefits of family dinners, now let’s get cookin!


Questions, concerns, ideas, hesitations… please reach out to jeff@c4leaders.org and 530 574-4641.


Thanks and take care.  Boom Baby!


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  1. Mimi on September 7, 2022 at 11:53 am

    Our school read We Rise Together and accepted the feed your starter challenge to ignite our power within. My challenge was to increase swimming laps. I’m swimming faster, with more confidence, and with more motivation. This has helped me to be more focused in other areas of life.

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